The Novel

Access to Capital – The NovelGary Hobbs Oklahoma Mortgage Bank Novel Access to Capital Gary B Hobbs

By Gary Hobbs

Luke Boyd has started a new financial services firm. Creating his company more for the thrill than for the money, Luke’s immediate success draws the attention of his primary lender. In search of expansion opportunities, the bank targets Luke’s company as a prime candidate for a takeover. Determined to keep his company, Luke must battle against both known and unseen forces. Fighting for his professional future while in the middle of a multi-year divorce and a forbidden relationship, Luke struggles to find the path to the life he wants to lead.
A gripping and intense look at love and money, Access to Capital is set amid a political movement to consolidate the financial industry as a regional economy dependent upon high cost oil from fracked wells collapses. Access to Capital reflects the changing roles of women in the 1980’s as well as the contradiction of one’s own interests.